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Safety Program Administrative Services

Imagine a safety manual tailored exactly to your business that meets or exceeds your industry's requirements. It's in an accessible location, and it's easy to understand. You know you have back up copies in a secure location, and it's always updated. CEBS helps you achieve this goal by paying attention to the administrative requirements of your safety program while at the same time ensuring that the operations, safety and administrative systems of your business work together.

Manual Development

  • Creating Canadian workplace safety manuals that meet or exceed requirements
  • Planning and organization to ensure employee accessibility
  • Development based on industry-specific guidelines
  • Presented in an organized, efficient and easy-to-read format

ISN & Complyworks

  • Maintenance of accounts so that clients may use your services
  • KPI reporting management
  • Paperwork collection, review, compilation, and reporting
  • Review of manuals and policies to meet required standards set out by owner clients

Audit Preparation

  • Scheduling and arranging audits
  • Site and employee preparation
  • Outlining auditor expectations when they visit
  • Preparation and compilation of paperwork requirements
  • Completion of employee reviews

We have three plans that suit most businesses in any industry. Why not check them out to see what fits your needs?

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