Profit-Focused Bookkeeping Services

Go against the grain and put your profit first using Profit First Bookkeeping for Canadian Small Businesses.

Bookkeeping Built for Service and Trades Companies

Using our client-first philosophy, we have created an award-winning bookkeeping system that truly saves small businesses time, money, and most importantly, stress. The benefits of technology, automation and smart software + smart people add up to big benefits for you and your business.

Competitive Edge Bookkeeping Services

Client-Focused Bookkeeping Tools

Client-Focused Bookkeeping Tools

Spend less time juggling receipts and more time running your business. We have built a bookkeeping system especially for growth-minded companies that want to partner with their bookkeeper rather than just hire an ‘order taker’. We use current technology to keep the process of bookkeeping as efficient as possible. Our technology suite includes:

  • Cloud Accounting
  • Xero
  • Quickbooks Online
  • Dext

If you struggle to keep it all straight when it comes to keeping information organized in an easy way, we can help.

Accurate, On-Time Records Keep You ClearAccurate, On-Time Records Keep You Clear

Make decisions now. You will consistently receive up-to-date, accurate reporting on the schedule you set. Plus, you will receive a higher level of reporting and service while spending less thanks to our automated software and systems. Benefits to our bookkeeping system include:

  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your financials (optional)
  • Save space with on-the-go digital receipt and record management – no more physical paper to keep track of
  • Go anywhere with cloud accounting systems; no more inconvenient trips to drop off paperwork

Head into the future with Competitive Edge’s services and have more time to work on your business.

Profit First Cash Management

We Love Putting Your Profit First 

Seriously augment your financial well-being with the Profit First Bookkeeping for Canadian Small Businesses, a cash management system that works with your existing habits. When implemented and followed properly, the Profit First system:

  • Guarantees profitability
  • Creates fair compensation for the business owner (you!)
  • Eliminates tax worries
  • Makes saving money fun

Book your Alignment Assessment and start putting your profit first.

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