Working with Us

When working with us here at Competitive Edge we take several steps to ensure maximum value for our clients.

1. Getting to Know Each Other – Alignment AssessmentAlignment Assessment

Our first meeting is our no-charge, no-obligation Alignment Assessment (click here to book). In this virtual meeting, we get to know you and your business and you get to know us as well.

We’ll chat about you and your business goals, including how you want your business to serve you and your lifestyle. From there, we’ll detail our services with focus on the specific ways we can help your business.

Most importantly, the Alignment Assessment is a meeting to determine if your needs and expectations are in alignment with our needs and the way we provide services. We are going to be fully invested in maintaining the financial health of your corporation, and we want to work with people who value this too.

Our goal: Great working relationships. We make this a priority because we want our clients to have the absolute best chance of success. We’re looking for clients who value a working relationship that goes beyond a simple vendor/customer exchange.

2. Discovery ProcessBookkeeping Tools

Once we’re feeling great about working together, we move to our Discovery Process. This paid service brings everyone together when it comes to understanding outcomes and expectations.

We take a deep dive into exactly what services you need to reach your business goals, and we look at your financial database to see if there are any issues or changes needed. Additionally, we review the potential for streamlined workflows and automations. Then, we recommend what level of support is the right fit for your business.

Our goal: To end up on the same page when it comes to the direction of your business. At the end of this process, you receive a valuable list of actions that you can use with us or even just use on your own.

3. Action Plan & Service Agreement Business System Reviews

Next up is our Action Plan, where we document the details of how we’re going to get things done together. Thanks to our Discovery Process, we’ve created the perfect foundation to lay out our tactical plans, validations, system designs, reporting expectations, and more.

Included is our Service Agreement, which is signed to make things official.

Our goal: For both parties to be excited to work together, and to understand and agree to expectations and outcomes.

4. OnboardingBuisness Targets And Analysis

Once we team up to focus on your growth and build your profit, we don’t just jump in and make major changes–this would be a huge mistake! First, we assimilate to your systems, and, over time, we watch for and suggest added efficiencies to your financial systems. Of course, we provide some of our own proven systems from the get-go, and work toward creating coordinated milestones and goals.

All onboarding is based on the action plan we agree upon together. Every new client’s onboarding is a little bit different, tailored to individual needs and service levels, all designed to boost value and get you profitable faster.

Book your Alignment Assessment and start putting your profit first.

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