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New Businesses

Congratulations, you've decided to follow the footsteps of many Canadians and start your own business!

We want to help you start your business the right way; investing your time and money is only the beginning. CEBS uses your goals to determine factors that you should consider to achieve the most success in the shortest time.

We will help you develop:

  • A solid business plan built for your target audience (e.g. lenders, creditors, etc.)
  • Realistic goals and achievements based on years of business and industry knowledge
  • Clear focus on the financial and operational aspects of your new business before you start
  • A smoother start-up period, allowing you to control your budget and help with unforeseen problems

For new business start-ups, we will:

  • Discuss with you, in depth, your goals and plans for the company
  • Answer any questions that might arise to help you gain clarity
  • Determine how you picture your start up now and in the future
  • Take into consideration all aspects of your business
  • Create a solid, tailored business plan and development strategy
  • Always make your growth strategies and initiatives a priority

Begin your business the right way - with a solid foundation built on your vision. Let CEBS help you determine all the factors, including those you may not have thought of.

Ready to start your business the best way possible?

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