Looking for the perfect accounting software for your business? Look no further! Our team of experts are here to guide you in choosing the most suitable platform and apps. Say goodbye to accounting headaches and hello to efficiency!

Cloud Accounting makes your life easier.

Unlock the power of cloud accounting for your business. Gain real-time access to financial data, collaborate seamlessly, automate tasks for enhanced accuracy, and enjoy secure and cost-effective management of your finances. Experience the future of business accounting today!

Some of the many benefits of cloud accounting software include:


It Saves You Time

Automatic bank feeds, simple reporting, online dashboards and no more data entry. You won’t have to waste time finding receipts or organizing paperwork – cloud accounting can do it for you!


Have Real-Time Financial Data

Cloud accounting software allows you to view your financial data in real time. Giving you immediate access to the information you need to make informed, quick and accurate business decisions, at all times.


Improve Your Cashflow

Cloud accounting technology includes online invoicing, allowing you to send invoices to customers quickly and seamlessly and follow them up automatically. Modern accounting platforms help you improve your cash flow and get paid quicker – what’s not to love?



Grant your accountant or bookkeeper access to your file and you can expect real-time advice as well! Collaborate with your business partners and colleagues by allowing and restricting user access as you need.


Have an Accurate Picture

Understand exactly how your business is performing and be better positioned to run it successfully. How can you make good decisions if you don’t have all the right information? Quickly access reports, dashboards and other information.


Run Your Business On the Go

Access your data, financial information, reports and the information you need to make business decisions on the go from anywhere, anytime, on any device.



Going paperless sounds great doesn’t it? It’s possible (and easy) with cloud technology! Use your phone or tablet to capture your receipts and manage your expenses easily. Say goodbye to pesky piles of paperwork you don’t understand.


It's Secure

Working in the cloud means your working on a platform with multiple layers of security. If your phone, tablet or laptop is broken, lost or stolen, all your data is safely backed up in the cloud.

Discover the Perfect Cloud Accounting Solution for Your Business:

Discover the perfect cloud solutions for your business with our expert guidance. We will tailor our recommendations to match your unique needs and goals. Explore our highly recommended platforms below. Let's elevate your business to new heights in the cloud!

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online provides essential tools to support business owners like you. It simplifies financial tasks, allowing easy tracking of income and expenses, generating professional invoices, managing cash flow, and providing valuable insights through reports, helping you make informed decisions for growth and success.



Xero empowers business owners like you by simplifying financial management. It offers real-time visibility into cash flow, automates invoicing and expense tracking, streamlines bank reconciliation, provides insightful reporting, and integrates with various business tools, helping you stay organized, make informed decisions, and drive business growth.



Dext supports business owners like you by automating data extraction from receipts and invoices. It streamlines bookkeeping processes, enhances accuracy, saves time, and improves efficiency, allowing you to focus on core business activities while maintaining reliable financial records for better decision-making and compliance.



Rotessa benefits business owners like you by simplifying recurring payments. It automates collections, reduces manual effort, improves cash flow management, and provides secure payment processing. With streamlined operations and reliable payment solutions, you can focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

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I have been with CEBS for 12 years, right from the beginning of my company. Everything, such as GST, year end filings, and other remittances have always been prepared and paid on time. They seem to be always looking for ways to make things run more efficiently when comes to ways to make it easier for their clients.

Emily and her team are awesome. Very professional. Great to talk to, and if a person doesn’t know the answer to my questions, they go out of their way to find out. They are always ready to help when help was needed and go above and beyond. In our time working together, I have always been satisfied.

~Richard Rumbolt

The crew at CEBS has given me and my company the freedom of not stressing about keeping up with all the bookkeeping and important documents in order. Always so pleasant to speak with when doing business, also they listen to what you are looking for and what is best for your company’s needs to run at full potential. I would absolutely refer CEBS to a colleague and anyone that is looking for a company that is friendly and completely the best at what they do.

~Mike Johnstone, All-In Construction

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