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Competitive Edge Business Solutions Inc. is a business development firm specializing in Grande Prairie and Peace Region businesses.

The Beginning - Bookeeping with Value

CEBS started as a concept. Emily Thiessen (Tarney) noticed that Grande Prairie and Peace Region businesses didn't have a lot of choice when it came to affordable, professional bookkeeping.

Many bookkeepers simply maintained the status quo; Emily envisioned bookkeeping and business services that could deliver value using the CEBS team as trusted advisors, not just data entry clerks.

She founded Competitive Edge Business Solutions Inc. and word spread in the marketplace that a new kind of bookkeeping service was delivering compelling insight at affordable prices. Clients began to understand that bookkeeping was a necessary and fundamental investment into their business growth.

The Growth - Ever-Expanding Business Developement

More than bookkeepers and administrators

Over time, the team has grown to a total of seven people who have helped to create a new set of administrative support services. CEBS has helped dozens of businesses grow through a broad range of efficiently-delivered business-building offerings.

That's how CEBS grew from a concept into your competitive edge.

The Present - Poised for Your Growth

Competitive Edge Business Solutions Inc. helps clients in Grande Prairie and throughout the Peace Region accomplish the same thing: Grow from a concept into a business with a competitive edge.

The CEBS team consists of experts in different areas of business. Each of these experts contributes to your success. You no longer require hiring six people to cover all of your needs; you just need one solid company consisting of well-thought out processes, experience, and passion for all things business. That company is Competitive Edge Business Solutions Inc.

Isn't it time to grow your business, too?

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