Time-Saving Administrative Services

Canadian business owners: Operate efficiently with smooth systems and trusted delegation. Get your time back with our time-saving administrative services.

Use What We’ve Built

We’ve created proven systems and workflows so that clients can just glide right in and quickly be efficient. The goal: To give you, the business owner, your time back… because we’re betting that you didn’t start a business to keep records, make collections calls, and learn payroll legislation.

Competitive Edge Administrative Services

Time-Saving Administrative Services - Accounts Payable ReceivableAccounts Payable & Accounts Receivable (A/P and A/R)

Competitive Edge can systematize and maintain your A/P and A/R to maintain optimum cash flow. When you use our accounts payable and accounts receivable services, we support you by:

  • Monitoring and executing your invoicing
  • Watching cash flow to fulfill A/P obligations
  • Completing cheque runs and reporting

If lost invoices and outstanding client payments are standing in your way to running a better business, our administrative services are perfect for you.

Time-Saving Administrative Services - Payroll ServicesPayroll and Human Resources

Keep your employees happy and ensure they’re getting paid accurately and on time. Our team stays current on all labour and tax laws so you don’t have to. Our HR services includes the following:

  • Complete payroll services including taxation requirements
  • Labour law adherence
  • Hiring – from posting the job ad to interviewing

We can assist in any capacity. How much or how little you outsource is completely up to you.

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