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Business Development

Start new or build on something you've created.

Taking your business to the next level can sometimes appear to be a maze of secrecy. CEBS can help you determine the best ways to develop your business into the powerhouse you know it can be. Using our knowledge and advice, we provide ways you can move your business forward. You still have control of the wheel while we provide the map to the finish line.

How we can help

Grande Prairie Business Plans

Business Planning

Grande Prairie Targets Analysis

Targets & Analysis

A solid business plan is the key to many doors from financing to staffing to marketing. CEBS Business Plan system leaves nothing out, and is based on your company's goals. Business Plan services include:

  • Financial goals and targets
  • Overall goal achievements
  • Business systems and organization

Start from the beginning or re-create your business with goals you set out to achieve. We advise you every step of the way.

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CEBS can help you set realistic targets through analyzing your financial reports. Other factors we look at include current staffing, marketing plans, advertising, and more. We look at the whole picture to assist you in goal setting.

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Grande Prairie Business Systems

Systems Reviews

Grande Prairie Business Form Development

Form Development

Your company has grown, and you know there are gaps in your efficiencies but it's difficult to nail them down on your own. CEBS takes an unbiased, outside approach on advising how to streamline your business. We work with you to:

  • Discover ways to increase your bottom line
  • Determine where your efficiencies can increase
  • Look at workflows and suggest ways to consolidate everyday tasks

By analyzing your systems and offering ways to better run your business, you'll find ways to run leaner with more revenue.

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Paperwork is a part of any business. By properly organizing your internal and external forms, you are more apt to receive buy-in from staff and present a more professional front to your clients. Form Development services include:

  • Printable templates and pre-printed sheets/books
  • Best form practices using well-thought-out methodologies that fit your systems
  • Anything from letterhead to work orders to reports

Form Development is more than a piece of paper. Your business' paperwork determines how well your systems are run, thereby affecting your efficiency.

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