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Administrative Services

Most CEBS clients pay less than one full-time employee per month while reaping the benefit of knowledge and experience in all administrative areas.

It can be a challenge finding the right staff members who have all the knowledge required to run your administrative departments. CEBS offers you experts in every part of administration from A/P, A/R, logistics, payroll, human resources, even reception and dedicated phone lines.

When you are a CEBS client, every field is covered without the cost of having several employees.

How we can help

Grande Prairie Accounts Payable Receivable Services

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Grande Prairie Human Resources Payroll Services

Payroll & Human Resources

Take charge of your cash flow! CEBS helps you systematize and maintain your A/P and A/R departments. We take care of everything from paying the bills to collections by:

  • Monitoring and executing your invoicing
  • Watching cash flow to fulfill A/P obligations
  • Completing cheque runs and reporting

If lost invoices and outstanding client payments are standing in your way to running a better business, our administrative services are perfect for you.

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Protect yourself and your employees by having CEBS take care of the payroll and human resource details. We stay current on all labour and tax laws, reducing your bedtime reading to try and keep up. Services we offer are:

  • Complete payroll services including taxation requirements
  • Labour law adherence
  • Hiring - from posting the job ad to interviewing

CEBS can assist in any capacity; how much is completely up to you.

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Grande Prairie Phone Reception Services

Phone Lines & Reception

Grande Prairie Business Logistics


Smaller businesses will benefit from having their phone calls and clients routed to the CEBS office. We can set up dedicated phone lines specifically for your business; we answer with your business name, and can take care of clients right at our door. Businesses choose this option if:

  • They are a small operation without an office
  • Maintaining a professional appearance is important
  • Avoiding an answering service during office hours is desired

Your clients are treated just like you are when you call or visit - with respect, courtesy, and professionalism.

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Let us take care of the day-to-day details. When CEBS is managing mail, bank runs, paperwork pickups and more, you have time to focus on the parts of the business that you love. This service is great for:

  • Busy business owners who need more time to focus
  • People who like knowing the details are taken care of in a predictable manner

The CEBS Logistics services tie in perfectly with all other business services. Let us take care of the daily elements.

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