Emily Tarney, Owner

Emily Tarney

Emily is a certified Mastery Level Profit First Professional who has provided her clients with professional advisory, fractional CFO, administration and bookkeeping services since 2004. Emily works with small businesses across Canada that want cash flow management systems and strategies to support their company’s vision.

Emily’s company Competitive Edge Business Solutions Inc., believes in leveraging technology and focuses on automation and systems to help small businesses create efficiencies and assist in growing their organizations. Emily is passionate about bringing corporate knowledge and structure to businesses of all sizes. She accomplishes this through Profit First accounting, advanced reporting and education.

I love it when money really makes sense to my clients. When they reach that point of clarity and understanding and they are comfortable with it, they start to really see the possibilities for their futures.

When not working directly with clients, Emily works as part of the leadership team of the Profit First Professionals Canada franchise. In this role, she trains and certifies new members working towards their Core Level certification as a Profit First Professional.

Nicole McDonald, Marketing

Nicole McDonald, Marketing

Nicole brings over 20 years of experience in marketing, specifically in digital media, website development, SEO, and content writing.

From 2002 to 2017, Nicole owned and operated the website development firm digital-blues.com, working with over 300 clients to develop websites, create print graphics and provide guidance on marketing. With work experience in business-to-consumer, business-to-business, government and non-profit, Nicole brings diverse skills to Competitive Edge Business Solutions’ marketing strategy.

I love introducing and educating business owners on a new way to manage and view their money, leading them to an actual cash profit, not just profit in a report. It is something I wish I had known about years ago!


Nicole is a lifelong student who constantly embraces new opportunities to expand her knowledge with courses in writing, communications, digital media, video editing, design, and technology.

Nicole provides strategies and executes tactics and enhancement initiatives to create marketing-qualified leads in her day-to-day activities. When she is not working, Nicole loves to write fiction novels, read non-fiction and spend time with her husband and tiny dog.